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    Leagues - Join Now! Our league bowlers deserve the best and that's what we deliver at Flaherty's. We work to provide the best in center conditions, customer service, delicious food and don't forget our weekly league specials! We have leagues for all ages. For more info call 651-633-1777, email leagues@flahertysbowl.com or complete our online league interest form.

    We offer leagues every day and night - for every age and ability. Take a look at our general league list to find a league that's right for you and sign-up with our online league interest form.

    Junior Leagues
    Flaherty's has a great Saturday morning Junior League! We have leagues for all ages (3-19) and ability levels. Make new friends and even earn scholarship money! Our great coaches work with our junior league bowlers to help them improve their bowling skills.

    Join Jr. Leagues today - it's never to late to sign-up; starting early-September through Mid-April. We'd love to welcome you to the team! Call us at 651-633-1777 or complete our online junior league sign-up form.

    Scotch Doubles Bowling
    Scotch Doubles is a fun mixed couples bowling event; grab a partner and come bowl! The first bowler throws the 1st ball and the partner attempts to pick up the spare. Switch positions after each game! Prizes awarded for the top 3 and random spots! Last Saturday of the Month @ 4pm • Check-in @ 3:30pm. Food and Drink Specials! Call or email to sign up now! | 651-633-1777 | peggy@flahertysbowl.com

    Mike's Pro Shop: Friendly Expert Advice!
    Need help getting fitted with the right bowling ball, or just help with your bowling technique? Mike’s Pro Shop offers it’s expertise from a professional bowler with over 50 years experience in the industry/sport. Whether it’s bowling balls, bowling shoes or trophies, Mikes Pro Shop pretty much has it all! Visit: mikesproshop.com 

  • Honor Roll

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    Monday Leagues

    David Eder 770

    Jason Tollakson 757, 300

    Ted Lahlum 754

    Sky Montour 753

    Mike Arel 750

    Tuesday Leagues

    Dan Flaherty 813, 300

    Brian Mechura 790

    Mike Mingo 774, 300

    Al Loth 767

    Brian Hove 761

    Sam Weber 759

    Nate Gersemehl 758

    Matt Salverda 758

    George Marthaler 752

    Wayne Robinson 751

    Brian Loth 299

    Wednesday Leagues

    Rem Edwards 299

    Thursday Leagues

    Greg Thury 300

    Curt White 781

    Brian Hove 771

    Dave Engle 770

    Nick Fahey 760

    Friday Leagues

    David Langer 802, 299

    Mark Giannini 802

    Jesse Brunner 801

    Ron Cleveland 796, 299

    Tim Peterson 789

    Ben Lemieux 786

    Brian Bigelbach 779, 299

    Kollin Stevens 779

    Aaron Schroeder 775

    John Hommes 771, 300

    Rick Henk 770

    Kent Arndston 769

    Matt Ricks 767, 300

    Tony Vruno 766

    Steve Nava 762

    Jerry Hedman 761

    Tom Jones 759

    Dave Oulman 759, 299

    Ken Holets 751

    Jace King 300

    Sam Sylvester 300